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Dr Peter N Kailemia Publications

  • Kailemia, P. N., Lee, E. C., & Renfrew, M. J. (2023). Intersection of social determinants of symptomatic breast cancer presentation in a rural setting: A critical ethnographic study. Journal of Advanced Nursing.
  • Kailemia, P. N. (2022). Increasing Female Breast Cancer Burden: Downstaging interventions as the ‘best buy’for Kenya. African Journal of Health Sciences, 35(4), 561-562.
  • Kailemia, P. N., Lee, E. C., Taylor, C., & Renfrew, M. J. (2020). Exploring determinants of, and interventions for, delayed presentation of women with breast symptoms: A systematic review. European Journal of Oncology Nursing, 44, 101677.

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