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Name: Dr. Consolata Kirigia
Title (honorific) : Dr.
Job Title: Chair of Department and Lecturer of Midwifery
Academic Qualifications: PhD (2023, Chuka University, Kenya); MScN (2019, Chuka University, Kenya); BScN (2015, Kenyatta University, Kenya)
Research Discipline(s): Nursing and Midwifery
Maternal, Neonatal, Sexual and Reproductive Health

Brief Biography

Dr. Consolata Kirigia is a lecturer and a Doctor of Midwifery in School of Nursing at the University of Embu, Kenya.  Dr. Kirigia has published several research papers in reputable, credible, peer reviewed high impact journals. Her research interest is on maternal, neonatal, sexual and reproductive health. She has presented her research work in various local and international conferences.

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